Don’t make sense

ImageWhat do you want? No, no.
What do you REALLY want to?

We’re born and already are on the scheme established by society that says what you need to do and what you cannot do. Why you cannot do what you want?

Because there are risks and you cannot make some mistakes, it’s a bullshit to do something unconventional.
The scheme is: if you gonna do a college, you need to choose the best course (engineering, medicine, chemistry, law college, etc.) to get the best job (even if you don’t like the choice). Everybody knows that not always happens this way, but the same way you need to do everything at least to try completing the “scheme”. In the other words: either everything turns out to be fine or you get unhappy and poor for the rest of your life.


If there is the risk to go wrong but it’s what I want, I gonna fight for the 1% of change that I have, because I think the risks that worth are the risks that make you happy.
If go wrong you try again or you change your plan…
and If everything turns out to be fine… you got it!

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