A new choice, a great change!

And like a reverie, my heart, bit by bit, perishes in the sweet memory of your look.
What happened? Why you didn’t listen me?
But I can delight on our secrets, I can remember our moments, I can think of you.
Now I ask myself, what happened to me? Why I’m so dependent this love?
Oh my God, this freak love!


That’s ok, the worst thing is talking about love, and worsening the issue:
a frustrated love!

Everyone has already fallen in love, if you don’t…wait! You will!
And if something goes wrong… Pow!
You are desperately heartbroken, your world falls down,
nothing is right, you don’t wanna live anymore, etc.

Hey! Calm down dear! It’s not the end for you, it’s just the beginning!
Beginning for what? Wow! A several things!
You may have spent a long time to think of him/her, so now you can think of yourself!
Maybe you can do things that you always wanted (you can read this post) that when
you were in a relationship you preferred not to do, like a course, a travel or till sleep more.

But it’s a chance for you do something that makes you happier!
It’s no use mourning about what happened, you cannot
blame yourself, you need to improve yourself!

So, sweetheart, keep your head up and be the best for yourself!

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