That’s just it.



Neither a broken leg nor a labor
pain overcomes a death pain.
Who already tries it knows.
It’s an unceasing pain and there isn’t cure, there isn’t
solace enough or science that can explain. It’s the
kind of pain that you simply learn how to live with
and nothing more than that.



“I know, they aren’t mine, the wind took away
Times that cannot come back
So what did I do for myself and for who I loved?
Just disillusion, I recognized
I didn’t build what I planned
I didn’t hug enough and didn’t apologize
I can’t reach the past, I realize my limits
The today is all that I have
And this, I learned
I need to remember stories that I ignored
I cannot forget, I have to offer
Flowers in life, while is day.” *

It’s a Brazilian song, you can listen the original song
– Flores em vida, Paulo Baruk

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