In something we trust

ImageIt’s very difficult when you trust in someone;
For me, the trust is the most important thing whatever be the situation!
And I always trust 100% in a special or dear person, because in my
opinion I need to trust the same way than the person can trust in me.
So, if I never lied, I think the other never lied too. If I never betrayed
I believe the person who I trust, never betrayed me.
It’s a circle of trust, truth and hope. It’s a really foolishness
when someone breaks this circle, because
what’s the problem in tell the truth?
What’s funny in lie to someone to get well?
WHATAHELL the people think?
Why everybody is so poor in spirit?
Why you need to hurt someone with trickery?
What happened?
I’m get SO anguished with lies, there is no problem in say
the truth, even if it hurts a little, it’s something necessary. 
The best definition about trust is: The trust is like a glass,
when it breaks you can try to repair but never will be the same.

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