Imagem“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” Pv 18.24

Raise the hand who has a great friend o/
During the life, we have a lot of mates, many friends and some incredible friends.
I have sure you have some names in mind! I think it’s amazing when I look at my friend and both of us say: OMG! I’m gonna tell this moment to my grandchildren!!!

There are many types of friend:


–          Fool Friend
The most of time, this friend doesn’t have idea about what’s doing.
Makes you laugh a lot, you don’t live without him/her





–          Lovely Friend
Your emotional friend! Always hugs everyone, talks a lot about his/her feelings about everything around! And he/she cries a lot.





–          Nasty Friend
This friend… You always say something like: “OMG! What are you doing?”, “Hey! Stop doing it!” or “You are crazy! I’ll never go out with you”
The last one it’s a lie!




–          Adventurous  Friend
When you wanna go out to a new and weird place… You call him/her!
This friend always accepts everything you propose to do.






–          No-Nerds Friend
Do you know when you need to study on weekends?
This friend doesn’t know anything about it! He/she never lets you study.






–          Desperate Friend
One word: Anxiety. He/she is very anxious about everything! During his/her vacation, this friend gets worry about doesn’t have money for the next vacation.





–          Angry Friend
… I’m not going to talk about this friend because he’ll get angry.






There are a lot of others types of friend and each one knows about the own friends!
What types of friend do you have?


Why do I need love?

ImagemSometimes I feel weak because of the love’s dependency. Why do I need love?
Because nobody can be egotistic during all their life, we need to love to find the answer.
But nowadays, what’s the meaning of “love”? I see many people pretending to love. Why do I think people pretend something like that? Because, honestly, I think neither “betrayal” nor “lie” have a relation to love. First of all, love is respect! This way, we can act with love, so love is action too. You don’t need to kiss someone or give some sugar to love the person, being polite it’s the first step to act with love.


Because I don’t think anyone likes to be treated badly…
Unless you like it, forget everything I’ve said (:
We need to keep the focused to be the difference we want.

Just have fun!

Everybody has some moments to have fun, to relax and not to think about daily problems…
But when we stop to paying attention, we do not pay attention!! We just forget everything…
We forget the little things of our live. These things go away and we don’t realize.
The time never stops, so if we collaborate and live in a hurry,
we’re going to lose what really matter.Image

Have you already tried to make the difference only with a “Good morning”?
Have you already tried to do something and not waiting for a reply?

It’s really amazing, you feel like a human! You stop pretending you are living and you live!
Sit with some friends, give a hug to someone special for you or to someone who considers you special. Give a kiss to your family, speak good words during your day or tell something good to somebody.

Don’t ask for a reason for everything and always search for a reason.
You can live well living on balance.


Image“Saudade” is a word in Portuguese without meaning
for others countries but it means everything.
“I miss you” in English can explain a little about the word but that isn’t enough.
Saudade is absence, love, comfort, zeal, happiness or lack of it.
It hurts, burns, itches, tortures, invades, consumes.
Saudade just exists because before it, there was love, friendship, comprehension, affection.
It’s a feeling that mixes different feelings and sometimes you find yourself lost in nowhere.
You make promises like: “It will never happen again”, “I’m gonna forget it”…
But you are stuck in the middle of the ocean, even with the ocean around; you only want a drop! And everything changes, happens, improves, your life goes on… But your heart stays there, in the middle of the ocean… This is SAUDADE.

Like a Superman!


“When I watched ‘Man of Steel’ I noticed some points that not just me but several people can associate to Jesus’ life. First of all, Clark (or Kal-El) is ready to save the world when he’s 33, the same age as Jesus when was crucified and one of villains said to Superman: ‘The evolution always wins’, it’s the ‘old fight’ between the science and the bible.”

We’re always associating everything around us to help us to achieve knowledge and understanding. Because we need to know about our life, about what’s happening, why we do the same thing every single day or how we can change. It’s to mature! Doesn’t matter what’s your age, we’re always learning and teaching and it’s necessary for we can live!
You can ask yourself about many life’s questions and search a reason, search someone who can help you BUT you need to know that the only one can solve your problems it’s yourself. We always make a choice and my advice is that your choice comes from your heart, because on your heart lives your true feeling about the life.

Even the capacity of associate can help; you need to trust in yourself and think about to be the best for you so may be light for others around you.

Just live!

“Sometimes we need to give up everything we want, to achieve everything what we need.
But the most of times we don’t realize neither when it happens nor how happens.”

I tried to explain and make a text about it. But certain things about our live we only
understand when happen to ourselves and the only thing we can say is:
“When happen you’ll know.”

Happiness like a cup noodles

Everyone has an escape, an escape to run away of sadness, worries, troubles, every Imagesituation or feeling that can disturb you. And I like to compare this escape with
a cup noodles made of happiness!
Because we’re always looking for an instant happiness like a cup noodles.
But nobody lives by cup noodles! It’s something to eat sometimes, when you don’t have time or when it’s the only food in the kitchen. After 1 hour, you are hungry again!

When we resort of our “instant happiness” we don’t realize that it’s not enough to really make us happy. It’s faster, ephemeral. Can be a person that makes you laugh, going out to dance or drink, preferring the loneliness, maybe sleeping or watching a lot of movies, so we forget all the bad things are happening!
We get addicted and the cure is: search for the true happiness, seek a reason for your life, if you always eat the “cup noodles” you’ll never be happy, you’ll just be playing “to be happy” and when the game finish you have nothing. The hole is still there.

You can have a lot of cup noodles happiness! They are so useful!
But you need to have complete meals more than just be happy for a while.