Happiness like a cup noodles

Everyone has an escape, an escape to run away of sadness, worries, troubles, every Imagesituation or feeling that can disturb you. And I like to compare this escape with
a cup noodles made of happiness!
Because we’re always looking for an instant happiness like a cup noodles.
But nobody lives by cup noodles! It’s something to eat sometimes, when you don’t have time or when it’s the only food in the kitchen. After 1 hour, you are hungry again!

When we resort of our “instant happiness” we don’t realize that it’s not enough to really make us happy. It’s faster, ephemeral. Can be a person that makes you laugh, going out to dance or drink, preferring the loneliness, maybe sleeping or watching a lot of movies, so we forget all the bad things are happening!
We get addicted and the cure is: search for the true happiness, seek a reason for your life, if you always eat the “cup noodles” you’ll never be happy, you’ll just be playing “to be happy” and when the game finish you have nothing. The hole is still there.

You can have a lot of cup noodles happiness! They are so useful!
But you need to have complete meals more than just be happy for a while.

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