Like a Superman!


“When I watched ‘Man of Steel’ I noticed some points that not just me but several people can associate to Jesus’ life. First of all, Clark (or Kal-El) is ready to save the world when he’s 33, the same age as Jesus when was crucified and one of villains said to Superman: ‘The evolution always wins’, it’s the ‘old fight’ between the science and the bible.”

We’re always associating everything around us to help us to achieve knowledge and understanding. Because we need to know about our life, about what’s happening, why we do the same thing every single day or how we can change. It’s to mature! Doesn’t matter what’s your age, we’re always learning and teaching and it’s necessary for we can live!
You can ask yourself about many life’s questions and search a reason, search someone who can help you BUT you need to know that the only one can solve your problems it’s yourself. We always make a choice and my advice is that your choice comes from your heart, because on your heart lives your true feeling about the life.

Even the capacity of associate can help; you need to trust in yourself and think about to be the best for you so may be light for others around you.

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