Image“Saudade” is a word in Portuguese without meaning
for others countries but it means everything.
“I miss you” in English can explain a little about the word but that isn’t enough.
Saudade is absence, love, comfort, zeal, happiness or lack of it.
It hurts, burns, itches, tortures, invades, consumes.
Saudade just exists because before it, there was love, friendship, comprehension, affection.
It’s a feeling that mixes different feelings and sometimes you find yourself lost in nowhere.
You make promises like: “It will never happen again”, “I’m gonna forget it”…
But you are stuck in the middle of the ocean, even with the ocean around; you only want a drop! And everything changes, happens, improves, your life goes on… But your heart stays there, in the middle of the ocean… This is SAUDADE.


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