Imagem“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.” Pv 18.24

Raise the hand who has a great friend o/
During the life, we have a lot of mates, many friends and some incredible friends.
I have sure you have some names in mind! I think it’s amazing when I look at my friend and both of us say: OMG! I’m gonna tell this moment to my grandchildren!!!

There are many types of friend:


–          Fool Friend
The most of time, this friend doesn’t have idea about what’s doing.
Makes you laugh a lot, you don’t live without him/her





–          Lovely Friend
Your emotional friend! Always hugs everyone, talks a lot about his/her feelings about everything around! And he/she cries a lot.





–          Nasty Friend
This friend… You always say something like: “OMG! What are you doing?”, “Hey! Stop doing it!” or “You are crazy! I’ll never go out with you”
The last one it’s a lie!




–          Adventurous  Friend
When you wanna go out to a new and weird place… You call him/her!
This friend always accepts everything you propose to do.






–          No-Nerds Friend
Do you know when you need to study on weekends?
This friend doesn’t know anything about it! He/she never lets you study.






–          Desperate Friend
One word: Anxiety. He/she is very anxious about everything! During his/her vacation, this friend gets worry about doesn’t have money for the next vacation.





–          Angry Friend
… I’m not going to talk about this friend because he’ll get angry.






There are a lot of others types of friend and each one knows about the own friends!
What types of friend do you have?


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