Put your faith in what you most believe in.

ImagemEven though I have a thousand motives to get happy, I’ve been felt a little down…
It’s too hard to focus my mind when just one matter puts me down but I realize when I’m very bad and something very nice happens I get happier than normal.
I’ve listened to Two Worlds by Phil Collins and the first sentence made me feel so much better! “Put your faith in what you most believe in.”
Because my affliction was about something that I’m afraid of… and this singular and amazing song says to trust in the heart and let fate decide what will happen after.
In my heart I really believe everything is going to be GREAT! I know what may depend on me I’m going to do.

Phil Collins – Two Worlds



Dear Anxiety, one more time.


Why do the people, even knowing everything will turn out great, get crazy?

ANXIETY, it’s like a disease, I don’t know exactly how to explain,
but I feel a really strong feeling when I’m anxious, it’s involuntary!
And if you have a huge imagination it can be worse…
You imagine the most impossible thing that never could happen and you start
believing it’s the only thing can happen. So you get crazy!
Your situation gets worse and worse when you stop to pay attention to different
opinions from different people, so of course your mind will collapse!
What’s my advice? Trust in yourself. If you trust in yourself, you won’t
need another opinion about the same thing/situation then you can
continue living your life by your own way.
And if something gets wrong, you’ll know you did
everything the best way YOU could do.

Just once again

love lettersI’m a stupid, really! I believe in the true love between a couple, where there is love there isn’t betrayal. I don’t want to kiss someone; I want to kiss the only one! I don’t need to hunt a guy… the best one for me can come in a sunny afternoon, smiling while walks and my heart simply surrenders, puts the defenses down.
I stop breathing for a second.

I’m a dreamer, really! I prefer daydreaming and have some inspiration while I sleep. I like to trust in everyone, because I think it’s the right to do… or should be. I always use my bad memory to not keep rancor. When I dream with a better world, I think it needs to start with me.

I’m a stupid, have I already said that? Whatever!

Take a time to breathe


Sometimes, I try to stop to breathe…
Breathing oxygenates the brain that makes you feel better and thinks better.
So the more you breathe the smarter you get and probably you stop making a mess in your life.
I’m very anxious about everything, maybe I get more dynamic but I also get nervous
because of things don’t arrive soon. Therefore I think about “wait”.
Everyone has some difficult to wait something that really wants. It’s really hard.
We need to stop wasting time thinking about useless stuff
and worrying about everything around us. I need!

* I really don’t like to write something with my real feelings, I prefer write about my
thoughts about my feelings and lately I can’t do it, I haven’t made this blog to use like a diary… I’m going to stop to breathe.

I’m a slave

stuckI think everyone becomes slave one day,
may be for a short or long time, but it always happens!
Nowadays, “being a slave” doesn’t mean “working hard for nothing”,
we are slave of our wishes or work, perhaps slave of love or hate.
“Being a slave” means to get stuck! Your owner can be everything that
doesn’t let you live, achieve your goals or doesn’t let you be happy!
For example, sometimes I’m slave of peoples’ opinions.
I get stuck! I stop walking and after I get crazy about it. I give up
going on because of what I think (even unconsciously) it’s my owner.
In my case, I have to think about what is important to me based
on what I think is right. Of course I can listen to people who are by
my side, BUT the last word needs to come from me.
You can be a slave of a dependency that harms and blocks you to achieve big goals!
Maybe you need to think about it, if you are a slave and what you can do to change this position… Because, “being a slave” isn’t a good thing to anyone.

Don’t say “I’m sorry”

ImagemI don’t have idea how many times I’ve already said “I’m sorry” and this is my biggest mistake.
I think when you say “I’m sorry” and don’t change anything, don’t improve, it doesn’t have worth.
Sometimes, I prefer to say nothing and simply change, forget what happened and go on.
But I have another big problem: I blame myself even if I’m right. I usually do that when I don’t want to mess with someone who I liked.

OMG, what can I do?
I’ve had some experiences to help about it, first of all you need to think before say or do something (by the way, it’s very important). If you don’t say bullshit you don’t need to apologize after.
You need to comprehend all the situation and, please, don’t lose your mind! When you get crazy about something or someone, usually you’ll ruin everything.
*hint: Jealous isn’t a good thing! Be careful!

And don’t worry about everything, take it easy and enjoy the little things (: