I’m a slave

stuckI think everyone becomes slave one day,
may be for a short or long time, but it always happens!
Nowadays, “being a slave” doesn’t mean “working hard for nothing”,
we are slave of our wishes or work, perhaps slave of love or hate.
“Being a slave” means to get stuck! Your owner can be everything that
doesn’t let you live, achieve your goals or doesn’t let you be happy!
For example, sometimes I’m slave of peoples’ opinions.
I get stuck! I stop walking and after I get crazy about it. I give up
going on because of what I think (even unconsciously) it’s my owner.
In my case, I have to think about what is important to me based
on what I think is right. Of course I can listen to people who are by
my side, BUT the last word needs to come from me.
You can be a slave of a dependency that harms and blocks you to achieve big goals!
Maybe you need to think about it, if you are a slave and what you can do to change this position… Because, “being a slave” isn’t a good thing to anyone.


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