Dear Anxiety, one more time.


Why do the people, even knowing everything will turn out great, get crazy?

ANXIETY, it’s like a disease, I don’t know exactly how to explain,
but I feel a really strong feeling when I’m anxious, it’s involuntary!
And if you have a huge imagination it can be worse…
You imagine the most impossible thing that never could happen and you start
believing it’s the only thing can happen. So you get crazy!
Your situation gets worse and worse when you stop to pay attention to different
opinions from different people, so of course your mind will collapse!
What’s my advice? Trust in yourself. If you trust in yourself, you won’t
need another opinion about the same thing/situation then you can
continue living your life by your own way.
And if something gets wrong, you’ll know you did
everything the best way YOU could do.


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