Like a Superman!


“When I watched ‘Man of Steel’ I noticed some points that not just me but several people can associate to Jesus’ life. First of all, Clark (or Kal-El) is ready to save the world when he’s 33, the same age as Jesus when was crucified and one of villains said to Superman: ‘The evolution always wins’, it’s the ‘old fight’ between the science and the bible.”

We’re always associating everything around us to help us to achieve knowledge and understanding. Because we need to know about our life, about what’s happening, why we do the same thing every single day or how we can change. It’s to mature! Doesn’t matter what’s your age, we’re always learning and teaching and it’s necessary for we can live!
You can ask yourself about many life’s questions and search a reason, search someone who can help you BUT you need to know that the only one can solve your problems it’s yourself. We always make a choice and my advice is that your choice comes from your heart, because on your heart lives your true feeling about the life.

Even the capacity of associate can help; you need to trust in yourself and think about to be the best for you so may be light for others around you.


Just live!

“Sometimes we need to give up everything we want, to achieve everything what we need.
But the most of times we don’t realize neither when it happens nor how happens.”

I tried to explain and make a text about it. But certain things about our live we only
understand when happen to ourselves and the only thing we can say is:
“When happen you’ll know.”

Happiness like a cup noodles

Everyone has an escape, an escape to run away of sadness, worries, troubles, every Imagesituation or feeling that can disturb you. And I like to compare this escape with
a cup noodles made of happiness!
Because we’re always looking for an instant happiness like a cup noodles.
But nobody lives by cup noodles! It’s something to eat sometimes, when you don’t have time or when it’s the only food in the kitchen. After 1 hour, you are hungry again!

When we resort of our “instant happiness” we don’t realize that it’s not enough to really make us happy. It’s faster, ephemeral. Can be a person that makes you laugh, going out to dance or drink, preferring the loneliness, maybe sleeping or watching a lot of movies, so we forget all the bad things are happening!
We get addicted and the cure is: search for the true happiness, seek a reason for your life, if you always eat the “cup noodles” you’ll never be happy, you’ll just be playing “to be happy” and when the game finish you have nothing. The hole is still there.

You can have a lot of cup noodles happiness! They are so useful!
But you need to have complete meals more than just be happy for a while.

In something we trust

ImageIt’s very difficult when you trust in someone;
For me, the trust is the most important thing whatever be the situation!
And I always trust 100% in a special or dear person, because in my
opinion I need to trust the same way than the person can trust in me.
So, if I never lied, I think the other never lied too. If I never betrayed
I believe the person who I trust, never betrayed me.
It’s a circle of trust, truth and hope. It’s a really foolishness
when someone breaks this circle, because
what’s the problem in tell the truth?
What’s funny in lie to someone to get well?
WHATAHELL the people think?
Why everybody is so poor in spirit?
Why you need to hurt someone with trickery?
What happened?
I’m get SO anguished with lies, there is no problem in say
the truth, even if it hurts a little, it’s something necessary. 
The best definition about trust is: The trust is like a glass,
when it breaks you can try to repair but never will be the same.

That’s just it.



Neither a broken leg nor a labor
pain overcomes a death pain.
Who already tries it knows.
It’s an unceasing pain and there isn’t cure, there isn’t
solace enough or science that can explain. It’s the
kind of pain that you simply learn how to live with
and nothing more than that.



“I know, they aren’t mine, the wind took away
Times that cannot come back
So what did I do for myself and for who I loved?
Just disillusion, I recognized
I didn’t build what I planned
I didn’t hug enough and didn’t apologize
I can’t reach the past, I realize my limits
The today is all that I have
And this, I learned
I need to remember stories that I ignored
I cannot forget, I have to offer
Flowers in life, while is day.” *

It’s a Brazilian song, you can listen the original song
– Flores em vida, Paulo Baruk

A new choice, a great change!

And like a reverie, my heart, bit by bit, perishes in the sweet memory of your look.
What happened? Why you didn’t listen me?
But I can delight on our secrets, I can remember our moments, I can think of you.
Now I ask myself, what happened to me? Why I’m so dependent this love?
Oh my God, this freak love!


That’s ok, the worst thing is talking about love, and worsening the issue:
a frustrated love!

Everyone has already fallen in love, if you don’t…wait! You will!
And if something goes wrong… Pow!
You are desperately heartbroken, your world falls down,
nothing is right, you don’t wanna live anymore, etc.

Hey! Calm down dear! It’s not the end for you, it’s just the beginning!
Beginning for what? Wow! A several things!
You may have spent a long time to think of him/her, so now you can think of yourself!
Maybe you can do things that you always wanted (you can read this post) that when
you were in a relationship you preferred not to do, like a course, a travel or till sleep more.

But it’s a chance for you do something that makes you happier!
It’s no use mourning about what happened, you cannot
blame yourself, you need to improve yourself!

So, sweetheart, keep your head up and be the best for yourself!

Don’t make sense

ImageWhat do you want? No, no.
What do you REALLY want to?

We’re born and already are on the scheme established by society that says what you need to do and what you cannot do. Why you cannot do what you want?

Because there are risks and you cannot make some mistakes, it’s a bullshit to do something unconventional.
The scheme is: if you gonna do a college, you need to choose the best course (engineering, medicine, chemistry, law college, etc.) to get the best job (even if you don’t like the choice). Everybody knows that not always happens this way, but the same way you need to do everything at least to try completing the “scheme”. In the other words: either everything turns out to be fine or you get unhappy and poor for the rest of your life.


If there is the risk to go wrong but it’s what I want, I gonna fight for the 1% of change that I have, because I think the risks that worth are the risks that make you happy.
If go wrong you try again or you change your plan…
and If everything turns out to be fine… you got it!