Don’t say “I’m sorry”

ImagemI don’t have idea how many times I’ve already said “I’m sorry” and this is my biggest mistake.
I think when you say “I’m sorry” and don’t change anything, don’t improve, it doesn’t have worth.
Sometimes, I prefer to say nothing and simply change, forget what happened and go on.
But I have another big problem: I blame myself even if I’m right. I usually do that when I don’t want to mess with someone who I liked.

OMG, what can I do?
I’ve had some experiences to help about it, first of all you need to think before say or do something (by the way, it’s very important). If you don’t say bullshit you don’t need to apologize after.
You need to comprehend all the situation and, please, don’t lose your mind! When you get crazy about something or someone, usually you’ll ruin everything.
*hint: Jealous isn’t a good thing! Be careful!

And don’t worry about everything, take it easy and enjoy the little things (: